What Is The Difference Between A Babysitter And A Nanny

The main difference between baby-sitting is that Baby-sitting is a temporary ( short term) job while Nanny is more responsible and long term job.

Even though both play same role in supervising and caring for children when parents are away, a nanny is a daily fixture and Babysitters are short-term caretakers who are typically hired to watch the children for a set period.

Nanny care is a bigger scenario as compared to babysitting because babysitting includes very few duties while nanny care includes a lot of duties. These two terms are a lot different from each other and to show you how we are sharing some differences between these two. Following are few of the differences between a baby sitter and a nanny

  1. Care for all: In nanny care, you could be appointed to care for old age persons as well as for children but in babysitting, you will have to care for babies only or children. Nanny has to have the skills for giving care to any person disregarding their age where when it comes to babysitting you just need to be good in handling the kids. This makes babysitting a lot easier as compared to a nanny job because there you need to focus on skills that are required to give care to the children only. Nanny care includes many skills that would be needed to give care to children and old age people.
  2. Work type: Nanny Care job is a sort of permanent work that you have to do on a daily basis but babysitting can be a part-time job and it is also occasionally available. In a nanny job, one would need to spend more of one’s time serving the person for whom they have been appointed to help but in babysitting the time is not set because one would have to do babysitting as long as the parents are not back home. Most of the people prefer to have a nanny job over baby sitter’s job because it is a regular work type while babysitting job is preferred by the students as a part-time job.
  3. Fixed timings: In babysitting the time is not fixed because it can take extra time to the parents to get back home and the baby sitter will be paid on an hourly basis hence as long as the parents are not back home a baby sitter will do his/her job. A nanny expert is given the fixed timing for work and after that, they are free to go home but in some circumstances, they can be asked to stay for longer as per their wish. If they are paid to do so or as their moral duty nanny can go for overtime but a baby sitter will be hired on an hourly basis or on the lump-sum amount and they will have to fulfill their work till the parents are back home.
  4. Different skills required: You will have to work for few hours in babysitting and to do so you don’t need to have any extra skill but as a nanny, you will have to have some extravagant skills along with basic skills. You need to have health and diet-related information in order to provide healthy food to the children and you should have learned the skills to be proficient in any medical emergency. Well basic information related to first aid and CPR is compulsory for all hence a baby sitter, as well as a nanny expert, should have that skill under their arsenal.

Although the work is the same for both baby sitter and nanny work timing and skills required are the few differences between a nanny and baby sitter that you can find. You can choose your profession as a nanny if you want a regular job and if you have less time then you can go for a babysitting job.