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Nanny Course Institute- British Edu
  • December 6, 2018
  • 7:32 am

A nanny is somebody who a family hires to take care of children or an old person. This person either lives in the house with the family or lives outside and has hours of job while to be with the family. Nanny is another name for any of these. Nanny can be a baby-sitter, child- care giver, old age care giver. Nannies are regular individuals, who are dependable, hard-working and persistent. They enjoy their work. Their work is to take care of people in the family. These are children or aged person or someone ill, who need personal care and attention. Consequently, nannies get involved in the family to be a part of them.

What is a nanny’s job?

Nannies activities are organized in line with their job. Nanny keeps children or elders healthy and happy, gives attention when they are ill. Nannies plan their day according to the requirement. These events help children to rise strongly, to acquire knowledge of surrounding. This ultimately helps in the overall development of children. There are set of events for children and elder. These include bathing and dressing an individual, reading books or newspapers to them. Playing with children and taking elders out for a walk. Sometimes nannies have to take children to scheduled arrangements or help them with study. In the house nannies have do laundry and cook or do grocery shopping. Therefore, nannies have to perform certain levels of tasks. Accordingly people hire nanny and nannies take up the job.

Who can be a nanny?

One who can act maturely as a family member when someone is not nearby. One who can care and love children the same way as a parent does. Nannies have to patient with kids, creative and energetic. Nanny should be smart enough to make quick and desirable decisions. One has to follow the rule and regulations of the owner’s home, especially, when it comes to the belief system of the family. One has to be punctual, efficient and active. Mostly nannies are females, but this is not necessary that males cannot be nannies. People hire a female or a male according to their need to look after children or elders.

What is nanny course about?

Nanny course is a set of programs or a syllabus. This course helps in developing desired skills and knowledge that people count upon when they employ nannies. Courses are based on developing the essential skills for a job of baby-sitter, old age care giver or parent helper. Hence, the agenda is to train a nanny to work as a team for the welfare of kids or someone elder. People also decide to choose someone as nanny on many factors. These are how well nannies communicate with children or an aged person. How experienced one is in baby-sitting, or whole day taking care of someone.

British Edu provides this old age care course in Amritsar and Chandigarh. We also have nanny institute in Chandigarh where courses for such job profile are available.

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