Who can hire a Nanny

Employer Requirements for Hiring a Foreign Nanny

  1. Citizenship or permanent resident status

The employer and the care receiver should either a citizen or a permanent resident

  1. A need of nanny (in childcare/old care)

Care need for a child (infant to 18 years) or aged person (65 plus) or a person with special medical needs.

  • Birth certificate/adoption order/official guardianship or doctors note confirming the pregnancy for child care
  • Birth certificate/passport or old age security identification for old care
  • Schedule H certificate signed by a registered physician or a registered physicians attested note that the person has disability for disabled
  1. An acceptable living space

A furnished private room with lock and safety bolt inside

Room should have bathroom, toilet

  1. Able to pay the nanny

Should submit the documents to prove the income and ability to pay the care giver.


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