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New rules for caregivers
  • September 18, 2019
  • 7:42 am

Canada Has Launched New Pilot Programs For Care Givers

Working in Canada as a caregiver is very well-known work opportunity that many of us have grabbed in the past and a large number of students are pursuing it in order to get a work visa to work in Canada. Previously there were the rules that were not easily understood by the immigrants where they found themselves not eligible for permanent residency even after working for more than 5 years as a caregiver in Canada.

Hence the new announcement is done by the Canadian immigration department in which there are many positive points have come out for the immigrants who are already here in Canada working as a caregiver and also for those who are not yet there and planning to go there soon. Now according to the new rules, a candidate can apply for a work visa extension after the two-year actual work permit given to them. With new rules a candidate will have following best opportunities to take and enjoy the life in Canada:

Family Immigration

An applicant now can come with his/her family and they can have a pathway to permanent residency also. Now you can bring your family with you after getting the work permit for Canada because unlike previous rules where you have to get permanent residency first and then you would be able to call your family here in Canada.

Flexibility in Work

Now, here in Canada caregivers can change their job without any problem with the consent of their present employer. Moreover, the family barriers are finished and now you can work without any worry about your family because they can be there with you in Canada. You can choose a place to work that is more comfortable for you and your family.

Permanent residency

Now once you complete your two-year work visa and get the two-year experience of working here in Canada then you can apply for permanent residency. All caregivers can apply for permanent residency after their two-year work permit is over where earlier they have to extend their work visa first and then apply for the permanent residency.


After fulfilling the upper requirements a candidate would need to have a language proficiency like English or French along with post-secondary education from any Canadian university or equivalent degree from any foreign country. Candidate must have experience in NOC 4411 where foster parents are excluded and caregivers who have experience in working NOC 4412 then they can apply for permanent residency according to caregiver rules.

New candidates will have to wait for 1 year for their permanent residency file to be processed and the processing time for those who have work experience in Canada is 6 months. All in all, this is the best opportunity for those who want to live and work in Canada where now they can also take their families with them. It is the right time to join a nanny care course and get it completed in order to apply for these new caregiver programs functioning in Canada.

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