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  • November 12, 2018
  • 10:40 am

Nanny is woman/man who provides the care to Children in the absence of parents. It is in the home or in any organizations for example working parents. Nanny has to work as a parent to the child and a helper to the family as well.

The main duties of are given below

  1. Supervise and care for children in employer’s home; may live in employer’s home
  2. Bathe, dress and feed infants and children Prepare formula and change diapers for infants
  3. Oversee children’s activities, such as meals and rest periods, as instructed by employer
  4. Instruct children in personal hygiene and social development Tend to the emotional well-being of children
  5. Discipline children according to the methods requested by the parents
  6. Organize and participate in activities such as games, crafts, reading and outings to provide amusement and exercise
  7. Plan, prepare and serve meals for children; perform other housekeeping nanny duties
  8. Take children to and from school and appointments
  9. Maintain a healthy environment in the home
  10. Keep records of daily activities and health information regarding each child.


In the Canadian Government Website says the duties as follows

Link to Website


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