Are you qualified to work as a Nanny in Canada in 2019?

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  • March 26, 2019
  • 7:43 am

Many individuals are aspiring to work in Canada. The most feasible way to go to Canada and work there is to go there as a Nanny. Caretakers are needed in every country for elders and even for children. So the possibility of acquiring a visa for working as Nanny in Canada is also very high. But make sure you check if you are qualified to work as a Nanny in Canada in 2019? How to become a nanny in Canada 2019?


One should have to Canadian Secondary school diploma, at least 6 months of caregiving training. One official language of Canada it could be English or French. It should be well spoken, read and understood by the candidate. The candidate should have work offer letter from a Canadian Employer. Further more the candidate should have cleared the medical, security and criminal tests. After making all this assured you could apply for a work visa for Canada in 2019 as a Nanny with the new rules for nanny in Canada 2019

Another  temporary work placement type of employment is also available for Nanny in Canada. where you need to fulfill some perquisites that are mentioned as follows: Candidate should have worked for 30 hours per week where he/she should have given care to someone, candidate should have worked in private household of cared-for-individuals, and he/she should have fulfilled the requirements set by ESDC which is referred as Employment and Social Development Canada. One of the best certification ones can have first aid and CPR certification.

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If you are willing to work in Canada as a Nanny, then you are at the right place as we have the best immigration specialist available at British Edu who possess the years of experience in the field of immigration and visa. We will complete your file in a way that you will surely be able to obtain a work visa for yourself with the help of our services. You need to re-verify if you are qualified to work as a Nanny in Canada in 2019. If you fulfill all the requirements described in the above paragraph, then you are good to go. You may  not be able to satisfy all the requirements by your own. Our experts will suggest you some advice that would help you to obtain a work visa for Canada as a Nanny in 2019.


Things are becoming really harder now as the new nanny rules in Canada 2019 are changing now and then but we keep ourselves up to date with all the changes and requirements that are necessary to fulfill to get the work visa as Nanny in Canada in 2019 that makes us the right and the best choice for candidates looking for work visa for Canada. Even though you are eligible yet the competition is so immense that the chances to get a visa are meager. With the help of our experts your chances are always on the higher. Contact us today and get a step closer to your dream job in Canada.

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